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The Silent Glide Canoe and Kayak Shop LLC opened for business in 1997 and since then every aspect of the business has been and will continue to be improved. We carry a full line of accessories, a large inventory of canoes and kayaks and provide a growing list of services - including paddling instruction, on-the-water demos and personal, one-on-one service by appointment. We are still a small, Northwoods business where you will receive personal attention and are welcomed as a friend. Thanks for visiting our web site and be sure to watch for our specials.

Meet the Owner

I am Dan Renzoni, the owner of the Silent Glide Canoe and Kayak Shop LLC. I have been paddling since I was a Boy Scout in 6th grade; as of 2015, that was 53 years ago. I have paddled canoes and kayaks in very small local creeks and in the big waters of Lakes Superior, Michigan, Nipigon, the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness and other places in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ontario. For 16 years my other occupation was a University of Wisconsin Extension 4-H Youth Development Agent. In that position I led youth and adults on week-long wilderness canoe trips and other shorter trips. 16 years before that I spent 10 years as a soil and water conservationist.

Leadership development is a big part of what I do. In 2001 I organized, with the considerable help of several 4-H Agents, a full length, 42 day, canoe trip of the Wisconsin River. Over 265 youth and adults participated in some part of it. Some did the whole trip. Several years ago I completed the ACA basic Kayak Instructor Certification and before that the Wilderness First Responder certification. Recently I participated in the ACA Stand UP Paddleboard instructor course.  I regularly instruct individuals and groups. I love solitude, "bad" weather (good weather too) and good paddling buddies. I like to paddle and talk about paddling. These are the main reasons I got into the business back in 1997. It also helps me get the gear I like and to help youth groups get started in paddling with less expense. I am pretty good at helping people with aches and pains enjoy paddling more. I believe in protecting the environment.

Customer Satisfaction

I promise to always be reasonable in an effort to provide great service and products that fit the needs of the paddle sports customer. To do this some of my guidelines are:

  • I encourage you to try before you buy.  We will load up any paddle craft you are interested in, go to a nearby lake and paddle them until you are satisfied that you know and understand the differences well enough to make a  choice you are confident in.
  • If you purchase a new canoe or kayak from Silent Glide Canoe and Kayak Shop you will receive at least a          12% discount on accessories for one full year.
  • If you purchase a plastic kayak or Royalex canoe from Silent Glide Canoe and Kayak Shop and decide to upgrade to a Composite kayak or Kevlar or graphite canoe within two years of purchase, I will apply the full purchase price of your trade in toward the full cost of the new kayak or canoe. This assumes the trade is in reasonably good condition.
  • When you purchase a new canoe or kayak from Silent Glide Canoe and Kayak Shop, you and a partner of your choice are entitled to a 1 and 1/2 hour* free lesson *on a nearby lake.
  • We will ask you questions about your skills, experience and intended uses. I will encourage you to try out the boats and accessories that fit your needs and skills.
  • If you purchase accessories from Silent Glide Canoe and Kayak Shop and decide after use that you need a different size or model and it is in like new condition, you may return it for full credit toward any like accessories.
  • We will always treat your requests for service after the sale with high priority.
  • We will respect you and your right to privacy.
  • We will not use high-pressure sales tactics or "bug" you after a visit or call.

Because I am the only full time employee I will not be here all the time so I encourage you to call first before stopping in. This is a rural area and cell phone signals can be weak so if I don't return your call please try again. You may not reach me on your first try, but if you leave a message with your phone number,  I will get back to you quickly and do my best to make your wait worthwhile. - Dan Ranzoni, Owner of the Silent Glide Canoe and Kayak Shop

Silent Glide Canoe and Kayak Services

In addition to canoe and kayak sales and rental services, we also provide the following silent sport related services:

    • Active Duty Military Personnel Special Offer
    • Planning assistance for Outdoor Adventures
    • Outfitting
    • Paddling tips sessions on the water
    • Paddling Supplies & Accessories - Silent Glide Store

Outfitting and Paddling tips sessions and  services are available on request and will be customized to your needs.

Active Duty Military Personnel Special Offer

I offer free rental and outfitting for Military Personnel who are home on leave from foreign service. This offer is for themselves (and may include an immediate family member or significant other when accompanying the soldier who is home on leave). This offer is good for up to 5 days for each soldier who lives within 200 miles of the Silent Glide Canoe and Kayak Shop and is able to transport any equipment themselves. There will only be a charge for time and expenses if I provide transport or shuttle service for equipment and/or people. Please call 715-748-0148 or contact me as far in advance as possible as this offer is contingent on the availability of rental equipment. Thanks for all you do.

The Silent Glide Store, A Great Little Store

Come and visit my great little retail store. There is everything a paddler or camper will want. It isn't a big place but there is a lot of really neat equipment on display:

  • Paddling accessories
  • Optics
  • Camping gear
  • Repair kits
  • First Aid kits
  • Inflatable kayaks
  • Wet suits
  • Snowshoes
  • And much much more...you will be surprised

There are almost always at least 90 canoes and kayaks to choose from and I will special order any boat or accessory you will want with no extra charge. For canoes and kayaks special orders can take from a few days up to five weeks. For accessory orders it is usually just a few days.

Please call before coming, (715)748-0148; this is mostly a one person operation so often I am on the water with customers and not at the store. I would hate to miss you.


Links to Silent Water Sports Related Web Sites

Below are links to various web sites that may be of interest to silent water sports enthusiasts as well as links to the Manufacturers whose products I carry.


The items listed are those most frequently requested. Most are American made.

Future Plans and Activities

The Future Is Now
The shape of things to come
by Dan Renzoni

The Silent Glide Canoe and Kayak Shop has been in business since 1997. Since July of 2008 the Silent Glide has become my full time occupation. The 715-748-0148 phone number is for my cell so I can be reached nearly all the time. I am able to check e-mail several times a day when I am not on an outdoor adventure. I am the only full time employee so at times you may call when I am with another customer but I will get back to you as quickly as possible. My retail store is brimming with very cool paddling gear and outdoor stuff. I am handling two major brands of locally made, traditional and aluminum frame, American made snowshoes and one Canadian made brand. I've been certified as an ACA Kayak instructor, a Wilderness First Responder and an Aires and Associates Leadership Development Program Director.

For over 21 years I have led youth groups to places like the BWCA, Lake Nipigon, and the full length of the Wisconsin River and organized multi-day camps for groups of youth from 80 to 120 participants. All involved training teams of adults and youth to share leadership and responsibility

Look for or Contact Us about:

  • Paddling tips sessions.

I have been improving my modest retail store steadily and have added many new lines like Seattle Sports, NRS, Rec Repair and Eevoke, Third coast and select Sundolphin..  Ask about  about fishing kayaks and custom outfitting for them. I am getting pretty good at customizing them for your way of fishing.

If you long for the feel of water gliding silently under your canoe or kayak, love the challenge of a good workout on gorgeous lakes and rivers, or just want the solitude of our natural resources to melt the tension away, the Silent Glide Canoe and Kayak Shop will help get you out there doing what you love, just the way you want to do it.

Dan Renzoni