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Wenonah Canoes, Silent Glide, Wisconsin

There are many lines of fine canoes and I have paddled lots of them. No other canoes are better designed and constructed, come with more features or are priced lower than WENONAH CANOES, and they are Made In America. Paddling a Wenonah canoe IS the Silent Glide experience.  Click Here for their Great Website!

GoldenHawk Canoe, Wisconsin

I also carry Golden Hawk Canoes. 1) People want them for their compact, utilitarian, design; these are practical, stable, canoes. 2) There have been many improvements to the strength and functionality of the canoes. 3) They are made in Wisconsin and offered at a reasonable price. 4) I've met the owners, Michael and Paul and find them to be good honest, hard working people who stand behind their product.  I will keep the 10 foot and 12 foot 9 in inch square back models in stock in the dry grass camo color with the battery box and web seat options installed. These are the models in most demand. In stock models will sell with a nice discount. If you would like any other combination please call me to see about ordering one for you. As you will see from their website there are lot's of options and models.  I will be glad to work with you on setting up your Golden Hawk any way you want it. Check out their website, you will like it.   Click Here to Visit Their Website!  Scroll to the end to see them.

Choosing your Canoe: With all the different models, construction materials, trim and outfitting choices available, you may find it a bit difficult to sort out the canoe and options you really need. Always feel free to contact us for help. The manufacturers web site has excellent sections on how to choose the right canoe for you and it lists all the available options for trim, outfitting and accessories available from Wenonah canoes.  Then come by for a free test paddle.

Sale Price Policy: For good Reasons, some manufactures prohibit listing sale prices for new. current model products, except under special conditions. For sale prices on Current Designs Kayaks and Wenonah Canoes please call or me (715)748-0148 or e-mail Thanks, Dan.

Wenonah Canoe 17 Wenonah 44  Kevlar Ultra light 17' 0" 34.50" 13.50" Reg: $2999.00
Call for Sale
17wenonahx.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoe  Adirondack

 Tufweave Flexcore

Very tough

T-Formex even tougher


 16' 0"  36.00"  13.50"

 $ 2349.00

Call for Sale!


 adirondackx.jpg  Details
Wenonah Canoe



32 Kevlar Ultra Light with black trim 16' 6" 29.00" 17.00"

List $2749

Call for Sale Price

advantedge_canoex.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Argosy

Tuf-weave Flexcore 46 pounds

14' 6" 30.25" 13.50"


Call for sale price

argosyx.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Aurora

Tut-weave Flexcore  55 lb

Also T-Formex

16' 0" 36.00" 14.00"

$ 234                                                               9.00


 aurora canoe Details


Wenonah Canoes Boundary Waters,   ultra stable and high capacity

Kevlar Ultra Light 42 pounds


17' 0" 36.50" 14.00

List $2949.



boundarywatersx.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Backwater 70 pounds in Tufweave.  amazing load capacity, maneuverability and seaworthyness.  Very stable and takes up to a 45 pound thrust motor. 15' 41" 16"

List Price 


Call for Sale Price




Wenonah Canak 42  Kevlar Ultra light 16' 0" 30.00" 14.00"

Special order only

canakx.jpg Details
 Wenonah Canoes  Cascade  Tuf-weave Flexcore 62 lb   17' 6"  36.50"  15.00" $2595 cascadex.jpg Details
 Wenonah  Champlaign 46  Kevlar Ultra Light.   18' 0"  37.00"  14.00in.

 Reg: $2949.00

New but old stock $2499

champlaign18x.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Encounter 38 Kevlar Ultra Light 17' 0" 31.50" 14.00"

Reg: $2749.00

Call for Sale Price

encounterx.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Escapade 42 Kevlar Ultra Light 16' 6" 35.00" 13.50"

Reg: $2849.00

Call for Sale Price

escapadex.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Escape

41  Kevlar Ultra Light


17' 6" 34.50" 13.50"


 Call forSale Price

escapex.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Fisherman

49 pounds in Tuf-weave

14' 0" 39.00" 14.00"

Reg: $2249

New, old stock

Sale $1930

fishermanx.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Fusion

Kevlar Light with rudder

34 pounds

13' 0" 31.00" 15.50"

New List


Call for sale price

fusionx.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Heron,   50 LBTuff weave  15' 0"  36.50"  13.00"

 Reg: $2249.00

New Old Stock Sale price $2049

heronx.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Itasca  49  Kevlar Ultra light with skid plates  19' 0" 37.00"  15.00"


        New, Old Stock Sale $2999

itasca655x.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Kingfisher


39 Lb

 16' 0"  40.00"  13.00"

$ 2349.00

Sale new but old stock $2099, green

Call for Sale!

kingfisherx.jpg Details
Wenonah Mini Canak

39 Kevlar Ultra light

Used once by me, a few surface scratches

 15' 0"  29.00"  12.50"

 Available by special order only.

canakminix.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Minnesota 3 55 Kevlar Ultra light  20' 0"    

 Available by special order only, call

minnesota3x.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Minnesota II 42 lb Kevlar Ultra Light  18' 6"  35.00"  12.50in.

 Reg: $2949.00

New old stock $2599

minnesota2x.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Northfork 87 lb Livery canoe, the most durable of all canoes  16' 9"  37.50"  13.50"

 Livery orders only

northforkx.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Prism 34 Kevlar Ultra light  16' 6" New old stock with black trim ($100 option)  30.75"  12.50"

 Reg: $2649.00

 New old stock Sale Price $2249.00

prismx.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Prospector 15

T-Formex 59 lb

Tufweave flexcore

 15' 0"  37.00"  14.00"


$2349  call for sale price

prospector15x.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes

 Prospector 16 Tuf-weave Flex-core 56 pounds Blem, very light use




 16' 0"  35.75"  15.00"

 Reg: $2399.00


T Formex OLd Stock display boat $2099

Call for sale price

prospector16x.jpg Details



 57 No longer available  13' 0"  29.00"  15.50" No Longer Available   reconx.jpg  Details
Wenonah Canoes Rendezvous  58 Tuf-weave Flex Core  15' 8"  31.00"  15.00" $2349 rendezvousx.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Rogue  66 no longer available  16' 0"  35.25"  16.00"  No longer available roguex.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Seneca 55  Kevlar Ultra light 59 lb  19' 4"  36.00"  22.00"

 Reg: $3249.00

Call for Sale Price

senecax.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes

Solo Plus

Amazing canoe!

Kevlar ultra light 40 pounds.  available in all layups.

 16' 6"  32.75in  13.00in


Call for sale price

soloplusx.jpg Details
Wenonah Southfork 83 pounds call for info. Most durable canoe made. Great paddling canoe for lake or river  15' 8"  33.00"  13.00"

 Reg:livery orders only, please call.

southforkx.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Spirit II Tuf-weave 58 pounds. Available in all layups.  Best all purpose canoe on the market.  17' 0"  36.00"  14.00"

New but old stock with black trim

 List $2849


spirit2x.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Vagabond 30 lb Kevlar ultra light

 14' 6"

 29.50"  12.75"

 Reg: $2449.00

Call for Sale Price

vagabondx.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Voyager 34 Kevlar Ultra Light  17' 6"  28.75"  14.00"

 Reg: $2749.00

Call for Sale Price

voyagerx.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes

Wee Lassie

25 pounds

Very stable once in it and nice handling on flat water and in wind and small chop.

25 Kevlar Special

great little pack boat

 12' 6"

Also in a 1 0' foot 6" at 19 lb

 27.00"  12.00"

Lightly used one available for $1399


Call for sale price

10'6" $1599


weelassiex.jpg Details
Wenonah Canoes Wilderness

32, Kevlar Ultra Light

A very nice, do it all, canoe.


 15' 4"  30.50"  14.00"



wildernessx.jpg Details