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13ft. 0in.




I have one left inRoyalex then nor more are being made in Royalex. The Fusion is so much better than other solo "pack" boats you will be amazed. This one is Royalex, has a rudder and shows a few minor surface scratches. It is also available in Kevlar for $2049 and add a rudder for $300 to it. . With the rudder this canoe solves the problem of tracking straight in a small canoe. It also helps the fisherman hold an angle in a breeze for optimum casting and retrieving. I have paddled this canoe and was surprised by the strong stability, comfort and easy paddling. I used both a kayak paddle and canoe bent shaft paddle. Both worked well but I preferred the canoe paddle. The rudder is an amazing addition. It was windy and I had no trouble correcting for it and holding a straight line and if you like to use it for turning it will do that well too. The Fusion is a uniquely designed solo canoe blending the best features of both a canoe and kayak for recreation and fishing. It's very light weight, short length and high performance design make this one a dream to carry into that special place and fish from all day long. It even handles moderate whitewater well. 

Extra stable, it can be paddled with a double or single blade paddle and its foot controlled rudder makes maneuvering a synch. The padded high back seat comes standard and allows for hours of comfort.

Lighter, quicker, and more maneuverable than any fishing kayaks, the Fusion also runs drier and holds more gear while keeping it all readily accessible. Designed for personal accessorization of rod holders and storage trays for a truly customized craft. Rudder is optional.


$ 1449.00


$ 1329.00

Canoes are available in several kinds of materials and with different construction methods:

Royalex is a very tough and durable but still a reasonably light weight plastic laminate. A 17 foot Royalex canoe will weigh about 64 pounds compared to 75-85 pounds for other plastic or aluminum.

Composite materials include Tufweave, a fiberglass and polyester hybrid that outperforms ordinary fiberglass types S or E. Kevlar is a an extremely tough material that is also very light weight. Graphite is even lighter than kevlar but not as abrasion resistant.

Flexcore construction uses several layers of either Tufweave or Kevlar with a specially designed hull reinforcement in the bottom of the canoe. This reinforcement is designed to be quite stiff to retain the design shape but able to flex rather than break on obstacles. This is a very tough construction method but not as tough as Royalex. It's advantages are lighter weight and better performance. It is easily repaired if you manage to damage it.

Ultra light construction uses fewer layers of specially reinforced Tufweavekevlar and or graphite to build the lightest canoe that is still practical for everyday use in reasonably demanding conditions. It usually does not have a color applied to the hull unless you ask for it. The gel coat (color) adds about 5 pounds to the canoe. This is the stiffest construction method, resulting in the best performance. It is not a good choice for a steady diet of hitting rocks and gravel unless light weight is a very high priority for you. It is especially good for lake and large river trips where carrying the canoe is over portage routes is necessary. Some smaller people and those with less upper body strength appreciate the light weight in all circumstances. It is reasonably easy to repair in most cases.