Specifications for Comotion





12ft. 0in.



Great for parents with their small children. Emotion Kayaks really hold a unique place in the industry. They combine unique great characteristics into a moderately priced kayak better than the others. The Sit on Top, Co-motion is an example. The 2-person Co-motion is light, moves through the water well and it's very stable and maneuverable. Paddlers frequently remark how great it paddles and how well it slices through the water with its streamlined hull. Designed for performance, the Co-motion has a more streamlined feel than most of the larger tankers on the water. A blast on flat water, slow moving streams, and moderate ocean swell. The couple that yaks together stays together! Bow deck storage and side carrying handles are included. This kayak does not paddle well as a solo unless you put substantial, offsetting weight in the bow. In that case it will handle well. You will need the optional seats to make this one comfortable.




Kayaks are available in several kinds of materials and with different construction methods:

Composite kayaks are made from fiberglass, kevlar and graphite in different combinations. Fiberglass, is very durable and makes a strong and economical kayak.Kevlar is lighter and very tough so less needs to be used to make a strong and very durable kayak. Graphite is even lighter than kevlar and is used in strategic locations on some models.

Plastic, Super Compound Linear Polyethylene, (SCL) is extremely tough and durable. It is used in the rotomolded models. Cuts or breaks are so rare I have never seen one, even on white water boats. UV inhibitors are blended in to protect from the sun. This is the most economical durable material Current Designs kayaks are built with. The down side is a little bit of flex and a bit more extra weight.

Thermoformed Composite System (TCS). These are made from an Acrylic and ABS plastic laminate. This plastic is stiffer and lighter than SCL polyethylene. It has the look and light weight of a fiberglass kayak, but costs less. For a more in depth description of these materials the Current Designs web site, or a catalog will help. Also feel free to contact us.