Specifications for Infinity


Current Designs



7ft. 9in.




I have paddled the Infinity and am seriously impressed. It moves along at 3 miles an hour with barely any effort and accelerates to five easily. It carves turns beautifully and has incredible secondary stability. It tracks well in the wind and handles confused seas confidently. The primary stability feels a little shaky until you have been it for a few minutes, then it just smooths out and gives you a ride you will love. It also fits my large, size 14 feet, with booties on, very comfortably and there is room to bend my knees a bit. This is going to become my favorite kayak. The Infinity is a large expedition sea kayak of British design. A raised fore-deck is roomy enough to comfortably accommodate larger paddlers and the spacious hatches will hold enough gear for any expedition you have in mind. The Infinity will conquer all the worlds waters with the efficiency only Current Designs delivers. This one may be the most efficient British design and It fits big people. Skeg, back band, and day hatch come standard.I bought one for me and I love it. The secondary stability is very strong, the speed is very good, it carves turns with ease and it fits me and my big feet with room to spare. I had it out in some moderate, 1 -2 foot waves on a windy day. This kayak is ideal for bigger water conditions and on calm water it feels like your are gliding through air. It has a ton of cargo room. If you are interested in one give me a call, you can try mine on for size and paddle it a bit to see for yourself what you think. Then you can buy it at the above price or, I will order you one just the way you want it and give you a discount with a down payment.


$ 3199.00


Kayaks are available in several kinds of materials and with different construction methods:

Composite kayaks are made from fiberglass, kevlar and graphite in different combinations. Fiberglass, is very durable and makes a strong and economical kayak.Kevlar is lighter and very tough so less needs to be used to make a strong and very durable kayak. Graphite is even lighter than kevlar and is used in strategic locations on some models.

Plastic, Super Compound Linear Polyethylene, (SCL) is extremely tough and durable. It is used in the rotomolded models. Cuts or breaks are so rare I have never seen one, even on white water boats. UV inhibitors are blended in to protect from the sun. This is the most economical durable material Current Designs kayaks are built with. The down side is a little bit of flex and a bit more extra weight.

Thermoformed Composite System (TCS). These are made from an Acrylic and ABS plastic laminate. This plastic is stiffer and lighter than SCL polyethylene. It has the look and light weight of a fiberglass kayak, but costs less. For a more in depth description of these materials the Current Designs web site, or a catalog will help. Also feel free to contact us.