Specifications for Storm


Current Designs



17ft. 0in.




Only $800 for a used red one I have in stock. Or $150 off on a new one. Lively, rugged and affordable describe it well. It's a real sea goer to. This new design (a few years now) is faster than the original and even more comfortable. I had the longest surf ride ever in one in 3 foot waves on Lake Superior during my instructor certification; it handled superbly in all conditions including high winds, confused seas, snow and ice and wind driven chop. It holds a lot of gear so you can camp up a storm if you like, it rolls easily and is very steady. This is my favorite poly sea kayak of all time. 

Designed and built to handle tremendous abuse, the Storm will offer years of maintenance free paddling at an affordable price. The Storm is beautifully appointed with features far superior to any other rotomolded kayak on the market. We redesigned the Storm in 2004, fine tuning it from stem to stern, including features such as new hatch systems and rudder controls. 

When paddling the Storm you will immediately feel comfortable with its stability. The Storm has been used on many extensive trips with great success. 

The rugged SCLTM polyethylene construction gives it a unique combination of strength, stiffness, and impact resistance. The Storm's recessed deck fittings accommodate a very clean deck rigging system with full perimeter deck lines. Rugged, stable and a great performer the Storm has raised the bar for rotomolded kayaks.




Kayaks are available in several kinds of materials and with different construction methods:

Composite kayaks are made from fiberglass, kevlar and graphite in different combinations. Fiberglass, is very durable and makes a strong and economical kayak.Kevlar is lighter and very tough so less needs to be used to make a strong and very durable kayak. Graphite is even lighter than kevlar and is used in strategic locations on some models.

Plastic, Super Compound Linear Polyethylene, (SCL) is extremely tough and durable. It is used in the rotomolded models. Cuts or breaks are so rare I have never seen one, even on white water boats. UV inhibitors are blended in to protect from the sun. This is the most economical durable material Current Designs kayaks are built with. The down side is a little bit of flex and a bit more extra weight.

Thermoformed Composite System (TCS). These are made from an Acrylic and ABS plastic laminate. This plastic is stiffer and lighter than SCL polyethylene. It has the look and light weight of a fiberglass kayak, but costs less. For a more in depth description of these materials the Current Designs web site, or a catalog will help. Also feel free to contact us.