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Snowshoe Sales

- Please scroll down to view the snowshoes specs and prices. -

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Sale prices are based on cash or check payments.

Snowshoeing Tips, Articles and Advice

Customer Satisfaction Policy

Choosing your Snowshoes:
With all the models, different construction materials, and options available choosing the snowshoe that is right for you may be a bit perplexing. Feel free to contact us to discuss which options will best fit your needs and desires. You can also visit the manufacturers web site for a more thorough description of construction and options. They will also show all the accessories offered.

Snowshoer With Dogs

If you can walk, I know you can Snowshoe!

The Silent Glide Canoe and Kayak Shop LLC offers four lines of snowshoes. Each are top quality and unique. Redfeather, Iversons, and Northern Lites are made in America: Redfeather in La Crosse, Wisconsin; Iversons in Shingleton, Michigan; and Northern Lites in Medford, WI. Faber are made by our North American neighbor in Quebec. There are often discounts available so please check with me if you are interested in a model that isn't already on sale. Northern Lites only go on sale during the end of season clearance if any are left in inventory.

Northern Lites are the lightest line of highly durable snowshoes made. In many cases they weigh about 1/2 as much as comparable size snowshoes from other companies. They are very sophisticated, have easy to use bindings and are tough but not fancy. You will love them. I've been asked to carry them many times so here they are. Northern Lites snowshoes continue to be made in Medford, Wisconsin by fellow Americans since 1992.

Redfeather Snowshoe

Redfeather Snowshoes are innovative, top quality and come with a lifetime warranty. They represent the finest example of the modern, aluminum frame designs. There is a wide selection of models in all price ranges for everyone from children to professional winter guides and from casual walkers to dedicated racers. In my opinion Redfeather represents a great value in the snowshoe market. An additional attraction is that the parent company, ORC, is a nonprofit corporation that hires handicapped people for many of the positions. They are located in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Iverson Snowshoe

Iversons Snowshoes are the traditional white ash wood frame with lacing models. These continue to be popular in current times because they are so functional, very quiet underfoot and a work of art to admire. They are still made in the original way by craftsmen in Upper Peninsula, Michigan. These also have innovations: New, vastly improved bindings with crampons are available in addition to the original style of leather bindings, a special finish that sheds snow easier is standard and highly durable, ultra-light Kevlar/neoprene lacing in a pleasing tan color is also available. The Kevlar lacing results in a 30% weight saving over rawhide. You can still get rawhide lacing as well. These folks stand behind their products.

Faber Snowshoe

Faber Snowshoes are the oldest (135 years) and largest Snowshoe Manufacturer in Canada and perhaps the world. Faber uses highly innovative designs and materials that result in very durable, functional, attractive and value packed snowshoes. They offer traditional wood and rawhide lacing models, high tech aluminum frame models and hybrid wood and polymer models. The addition of this company gives the Silent Glide Canoe and Kayak Shop the greatest depth of real choice in snowshoes you are likely to find anywhere.

You are welcome to stop by and try out any of these snowshoes. Just call ahead (715-748-0148) so I can be sure to schedule time, just for you.


Dan Renzoni

Customer Satisfaction Policy on Snowshoes:

I encourage you to try the snowshoes right here before you buy them, but if after you have been using them for a while, something just isn't right, you can bring them in to exchange for a different pair of any brand I carry. For a full value trade-in the snowshoes must look like new so please take extra care the first times out on them.

Snowshoes for sale at Silent Glide Canoe and Kayak Shop
Faber Snowshoes Iverson Snowshoes Redfeather Snowshoes Northern Lites Snowshoes
Snowshoes for sale at Silent Glide Canoe and Kayak Shop

Here are some terms may be useful when deciding on the snowshoe that is right for you:

Live Hinge - means the binding will lift the heal of the snowshoe when you pick up your foot; this adds maneuverability and a little speed.

Full Pivot Hinge - means the binding will allow the heal of the snowshoe to drag and the toe to come up to clear the snow print easier.

Full Pivot with a Stop - means the binding allows the shoe to pivot most of the way but stops it at 70 degrees so you can lift the heal when necessary. It also reduces shin banging by the snowshoe toe in steep terrain.

length x width
Click for Details
Iverson Racer 3 lbs. 0.00 lbs. 32in. x 9.00in. $ 177.00
Racer Details
Redfeather Snowpaws 0 lbs. 0.00 lbs. 0in. x 0.00in. $ 24.00
Snowpaws Details
Faber Mini Snowshoes 0 lbs. 0.00 lbs. 16in. x 5.00in. $ 26.00
Mini Snowshoes Details
Faber Snowshoe Poles 0 lbs. 0.00 lbs. 0in. x 0.00in. $ 39.00
 Snowshoe Poles Details
Faber Winter Kid 2 lbs. 85.00 lbs. 21in. x 7.00in. $ 49.00
Winter Kid Details
Faber North Kid 2 lbs. 90.00 lbs. 18in. x 7.00in. $ 61.00
North Kid Details
Redfeather Youth 1 2 lbs. 70.00 lbs. 20in. x 7.00in. $ 55.95
Youth 1 Details
Faber Mountain Kid 2 lbs. 115.00 lbs. 21in. x 8.00in. $ 76.00
Mountain Kid Details
Redfeather Youth 2 2 lbs. 125.00 lbs. 22in. x 7.50in. $ 54.95
Youth 2 Details
Faber North Hiker 3 lbs. 225.00 lbs. 25in. x 8.00in. $ 86.00
North Hiker Details
Northern Lites Youth Model 3 lbs. 80.00 lbs. 19in. x 7.00in. $ 94.00 Youth Model Details
Redfeather Conquest 4 lbs. 175.00 lbs. 25in. x 8.00in. $ 89.00
Conquest Details
Faber Sport Heavy Duty Lacing 2 lbs. 100.00 lbs. 29in. x 9.00in. $ 93.00
Sport Heavy Duty Lacing Details
Faber North Treck 4 lbs. 225.00 lbs. 34in. x 10.00in. $ 89.00
North Treck Details
Faber North Lander 4 lbs. 225.00 lbs. 25in. x 8.00in. $ 98.00
North Lander Details
Redfeather Hike for women 0 lbs. 175.00 lbs. 25in. x 8.00in. $ 109.00
Hike for women Details
Redfeather Hike 4 lbs. 175.00 lbs. 30in. x 9.00in. $ 119.00
Hike Details
Iverson Youth Model/Snow Mate 0 lbs. 70.00 lbs. 30in. x 7.00in. $ 124.00
Youth Model/Snow Mate Details
Faber Winter Rover 4 lbs. 200.00 lbs. 30in. x 9.00in. $ 118.00
Winter Rover Details
Redfeather Explore 4 lbs. 220.00 lbs. 30in. x 9.00in. $ 98.00
Explore Details
Faber North Cliff 0 lbs. 150.00 lbs. 21in. x 8.00in. $ 139.00
North Cliff Details
Faber Racing Tight Lacing 3 lbs. 200.00 lbs. 32in. x 9.00in. $ 135.00
Racing Tight Lacing Details
Faber North Venture 5 lbs. 225.00 lbs. 29in. x 9.00in. $ 126.00
North Venture Details
Redfeather Arrow 0 lbs. 175.00 lbs. 25in. x 8.00in. $ 121.00
Arrow Details
Faber Mountain Pro 4 lbs. 200.00 lbs. 28in. x 8.00in. $ 146.00
Mountain Pro Details
Faber Bear Paw heavy duty Lacing 5 lbs. 200.00 lbs. 30in. x 16.00in. $ 155.00
Bear Paw heavy duty Lacing Details
Redfeather Pace 500 3 lbs. 175.00 lbs. 25in. x 7.50in. $ 149.00
Pace 500 Details
Faber Elongated Bear Paw Heavy Duty 4 lbs. 250.00 lbs. 36in. x 10.00in. $ 149.00
Elongated Bear Paw Heavy Duty Details
Redfeather Trek 3 lbs. 175.00 lbs. 30in. x 8.00in. $ 163.95
Trek Details
Faber Run 2 lbs. 0.00 lbs. 22in. x 8.00in. $ 159.00
Run Details
Faber Winter Guide Series 5 lbs. 300.00 lbs. 40in. x 11.00in. $ 158.00
Winter Guide Series Details
Northern Lites Quicksilver 25 3 lbs. 175.00 lbs. 25in. x 8.00in. $ 189.00 Quicksilver 25 Details
Faber BearPaw Elongated HeavyLacing 5 lbs. 300.00 lbs. 40in. x 11.00in. $ 165.00
 BearPaw Elongated HeavyLacing Details
Redfeather Rainier 4 lbs. 220.00 lbs. 30in. x 9.00in. $ 199.00 Rainier Details
Redfeather Stealth 4 lbs. 220.00 lbs. 35in. x 9.50in. $ 185.00
Stealth Details
Northern Lites Quicksilver 30 3 lbs. 250.00 lbs. 30in. x 9.00in. $ 199.00 Quicksilver 30 Details
Iverson Modified Bear Paw 5 lbs. 250.00 lbs. 35in. x 12.00in. $ 188.00
Modified Bear Paw Details
Iverson Green Mountain 5 lbs. 150.00 lbs. 30in. x 9.00in. $ 199.00
Green Mountain Details
Iverson Cross Country 4 lbs. 230.00 lbs. 46in. x 10.00in. $ 198.00
Cross Country Details
Faber US Heavy Duty Lacing 7 lbs. 375.00 lbs. 60in. x 12.00in. $ 189.00
US Heavy Duty Lacing Details
Faber Ojibwa 5 lbs. 300.00 lbs. 60in. x 12.00in. $ 179.00
Ojibwa Details
Faber Faber Sommet 0 lbs. 135.00 lbs. 22in. x 8.00in. $ 186.00
Faber Sommet Details
Iverson Michigan 5 lbs. 300.00 lbs. 46in. x 12.00in. $ 195.00
Michigan Details
Iverson Alaskan Trail 5 lbs. 250.00 lbs. 56in. x 10.00in. $ 207.00
Alaskan Trail Details
Iverson Ojibwa 6 lbs. 235.00 lbs. 56in. x 11.00in. $ 209.00
Ojibwa Details
Northern Lites Elite Racer 2 lbs. 210.00 lbs. 20in. x 8.00in. $ 229.00 Elite Racer Details
Faber Montagnay Very Tight Lacing 4 lbs. 350.00 lbs. 39in. x 18.00in. $ 196.00
Montagnay Very Tight Lacing Details
Iverson Silent Glide 3 lbs. 200.00 lbs. 23in. x 10.00in. $ 0.00
Silent Glide Details
Redfeather Alpine 5 lbs. 220.00 lbs. 25in. x 9.00in. $ 219.00
Alpine Details
Faber Mountain Expert 5 lbs. 200.00 lbs. 30in. x 9.00in. $ 210.00
Mountain Expert Details
Northern Lites Elite 3 lbs. 175.00 lbs. 25in. x 8.00in. $ 249.00 Elite Details
Redfeather Vapor Mens 0 lbs. 0.00 lbs. 21in. x 7.50in. $ 209.00
Vapor Mens Details
Redfeather Vapor for Women 0 lbs. 0.00 lbs. 21in. x 7.50in. $ 209.00
Vapor for Women Details
Faber Mountain Master 7 lbs. 250.00 lbs. 36in. x 10.00in. $ 249.00
Mountain Master Details
Northern Lites Backcountry Rescue 3 lbs. 250.00 lbs. 30in. x 9.00in. $ 269.00 Backcountry Rescue Details
Northern Lites Backcountry 3 lbs. 250.00 lbs. 30in. x 9.00in. $ 269.00 Backcountry Details
Redfeather Race 3 lbs. 0.00 lbs. 25in. x 8.00in. $ 241.00
Race Details
Redfeather Guide 7 lbs. 230.00 lbs. 36in. x 10.00in. $ 179.00
Guide Details
Iverson Big Ojibwa 7 lbs. 300.00 lbs. 12in. x 60.00in. $ 259.00
Big Ojibwa Details
Iverson Custom Alaskan 7 lbs. 350.00 lbs. 60in. x 12.00in. $ 250.00
Custom Alaskan Details
Northern Lites Tundra 3 lbs. 350.00 lbs. 32in. x 9.50in. $ 279.00 Tundra Details
Faber Mountain Quest 7 lbs. 350.00 lbs. 40in. x 11.00in. $ 260.00
Mountain Quest Details
Iverson Tundra 8 lbs. 350.00 lbs. 72in. x 10.00in. $ 299.00
Tundra Details
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