Specifications for Pilgrim Binding torsion

(length x width)

Snowshoe Binding

Pilgrim Binding torsion

These American made bindings are for traditional wood snowshoes and work on aluminum and magnesium ones too.They are made of top quality materials, are an easy to step into design with a ratchet strap on forefoot, quick and positive locking heal strap with a bit of Velcro to stop it from flapping around. There are also aggressive toe crampons that really bite into hard packed or icy snow. The attachment system is simple, positive and durable. Pilgrim brand has an array of bindings that all use the same design of foot harness but two different attachment systems and three different materials. This system has an attachment (Torsion) strap that wraps around the entire snowshoe. It's advantage over the full pivot system is that you can raise the heal for your snowshoe if you need to. It also comes in three grades of foot harness and two grades of attachment strap. The base unit harness and strap is made of CertaFlex Rs. It is black. This material is bullet proof and reasonably flexible to minus 30 degrees. It is the one listed for $82. The next level comes with a very heavy grade leather shoe harness and a CertaThane strap. Certathane is dark green and flexible to minus 60 degrees and a bit easier to work with and incredibly durable. In my humble opinion this one really looks good on a traditional snowshoe (list price is $120). The last one is all Certathane and is the most flexible and is often preferred by racers for it's ease of use and unbeatable durability (list price $140). I recommend it as a replacement on wood or Aluminum Snowshoes, especially the magnesium/aluminum, with cable lacing, military surplus style. You can see the model that attaches to the master lace in the next box. Please call or write with questions. There is a lot more to talk about.


$ 85.00