The Glide Launch

May 08, 2015 at 11:45 AM

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The Glide Launch - The "Easier" Way

trailer_collage.jpgFor some of us, those canoes and kayaks are just too heavy to put on the roof or our vehicle or even on our trailer. There is an easy way I call the Glide Launch.

I highly recommend a Slick Rydr Trailer for this, I will explain why later.

Basically you just back your trailer into the water, untie the canoe or kayak, lift the bow (way less than half the weight) and glide the boat backwards into the water. Hang on to your painter line and pull the boat back to shore.

When putting the canoe or kayak back on the trailer, just float the craft most of the way to shore, pick up the bow and put it on the rear cross bar and glide the boat back on the trailer. With a little practice it is amazingly easy, even with a heavy boat.

Now, why a Slick Rydr Trailer rather than those very inexpensive ones or those way too fancy very expensive ones? I will speak from experience.

  • Having a nice trailer rather than a big SUV will save you a lot of gasoline money.
  • The Slick Rydr trailer tows like a dream, you will forget it is there.
  • Every piece is of the highest quality and greatest function.
  • Power flow bearings for easy greasing without any disassembly (just like Power boat trailers). Waterproof lights so you won't forget to unplug them and burn them out when backing into the water, again just like the power boat trailers.
  • Every part is drilled, cut and welded and then individually hot bath galvanized including the main tubes inside and out; no rust anywhere, ever, and no paint to chip and look ugly in just a few years.
  • Completely adjustable to your boats and other gear and they come in many configurations.
  • Completely adaptable to Yakima, Thule and Malone rack systems, but you might not need them.
  • I believe this is the best trailer made and you can get it for a middle of the road price.

When you have a trailer that is properly set up, your gear is ready to go all the time so you get out more often and you can go alone because you won't need someone to help with loading.

My 8 place trailer gets year round use, including winter salt, and still no repairs and no rust and it even handles like a dream in high wind. Trailers just don't get any better or easier to use than Slick Rydr!

Take a look at the photos I've included. By summer I will have a short video on the Glide Launch.

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