Multi Day Trips

May 08, 2015 at 11:32 AM

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Any time you plan a multi day trip with novice paddlers/campers be sure to give yourself an extra one to two hours time to set up camp.

This is especially true during the spring, winter and fall when daylight is not as long as the summer months; we tend to want to paddle longer to make the distance and loaf in the afternoon sun, so camping can get pushed into the evening a bit too far. If you have to show everyone how to set up the tents, gather firewood and make a fire and then cook for the group, you will be one busy camper. After a day or two everyone is better able to help and camp will get set up faster and faster. However, throw in a new factor like heavy rain, thunder storms or an injury and it is a new experience all over again. Whenever possible dry run some of the camping tasks with your novice trip partners before the actual events. They will feel better if they can help and camp will be more relaxed and fun for everyone.

For any paddling trip where a map is necessary, a clear on both sides map case with some kind of tie downs is a good idea. Even with this water proof maps are the way to go. Larger maps cases are usually better because you don't have to open them up as often; an especially good feature on rainy or stormy days.

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